OMGYes! Let’s Explore Women’s Sexual Pleasure!

This website uncovers the mystery that is women's orgasm and offers practical instruction to explore sexual pleasure.

  • October 12, 2018
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OMGYes! Let’s Explore Women’s Sexual Pleasure!

Too many women are still denied sexual pleasure either because they are not informed about it or because of the taboos surrounding it. Making it worse, movies and shows contribute in creating unrealistic expectations of women’s sexual pleasure by depicting women’s orgasm as an easy and quick process, when, in reality, it is a complex matter.

But, do not despair! A website called OMGYes provides a series of instructional videos to guide you and your partner to reach the highest pleasure.



Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins created the website out of concern over how women’s orgasm remain little known and under-explored. They noted that conservative constraints have maintained the taboos surrounding women’s pleasure, hindering women from reaching sexual climax. They gathered a team of researchers, filmmakers, engineers, educators and sexologists to offer reliable approaches in exploring women’s sexuality.

“The anatomy is so sensitive and varies so much. A few millimeters or a slight difference in angle, pressure or rhythm can make up the difference between discomfort and pleasure. And what feels best changes so much over time: over the course of arousal from warm-up through buildup and orgasm, day to day and life-stage to life-stage,” the company said on their website, emphasizing how much improving sexual pleasure contributes in actualizing a happier relationship.

OMGYes draws from the experiences of over 2,000 women aged 18 to 95 to draw patterns and figure the best techniques to achieve a sublime, ravishing sex life. One of their main findings is on the issue regarding the limited vocabulary to address the different ways of stimulating the vagina. The existing terms – fingering and rubbing – do not do justice to the the deed, making it harder to explore women’s sexual pleasure. This, to them, is like “trying a new recipe without knowing the name of the ingredients or the correct measurements.”

They have produced over 60 videos and 11 interactive and touchable clips to help women and couples experiment and eventually find out the best “recipes” for their pleasures.

They also introduce several words to refer to more specific terms and techniques of stimulation, such as “accenting”, which refers to extra attention to a part of a motion; “orbiting” or the million ways of circling the clitoris; and “edging”, which is achieving a bigger orgasm by approaching and then denying it. They also cover other aspects to maximize the process, such as consistency and rhythm.

Subscription to the guides and instructions will set you back $39, but Emma Watson reckons it’s totally worth it!

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