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Presidential Campaign According to the Multimedia Generation

From interactive games, apps, animations, songs, and many more, this group of creative young people has made this election a multimedia festival.

  • June 27, 2014
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Presidential Campaign According to the Multimedia Generation

A group of creative young people has taken this year’s presidential election campaign to a whole new multimedia level by bringing together a plethora of campaign tools.
Calling themselves Generasi Optimis (Optimistic Generation), these young people from different types of creative industry said they wanted to bring creative works and ideas to the 2014 Election in their support for Presidential candidate Joko Widodo.
From comic books, interactive games, videos, songs, illustrations, social media applications and many more, the creative works compiled in the website indeed breathe a fresh air into the divisive and often toxic atmosphere of the campaign in the social media. More importantly, it projects positive vibes and optimism.
“We are supporting Jokowi to become president. We’re confident that Jokowi ( with a background in creative industry, being a furniture businessman) has the understanding and ability to facilitate the growth of creative industry,” the statement on the website said, referring to the candidate by his popular moniker.
The website also comes with ‘smart book’ comprising Jokowi’s background history and how to join this community. And shopaholics out there (err…me) can check out the online shops selling cool merchandise. They also hold competition where people can submit their creative works until July 3.
Check out their works here.
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