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The Murmur House

Introducing Murmur House, a community of young aspiring Indonesian writers and publisher of a biannual English literary journal.

  • October 3, 2014
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The Murmur House

On the evening of Dec. 24, 2013, Rain Chudori and Syarafina Vidyadha – both in their early 20s – met for a cup of tea and brewed an idea to create a home in which fellow young contemporary writers can cultivate their thoughts, experience, insights and warmth.
And so Murmur House was born.
This community publishes the works of these young writers on Murmur Journal, a biannual English literary journal. The publication focuses on intimate, diverse and limitless literary works, whether it is short stories, poetry, or essays, along with accompanying illustrations and photographs.
The first issue with the theme of “Welcome to the Warmth” was published in August 2014. It channels the inner voices of promising young writers – mostly Millennial ­– who are more worldly and eloquent in showcasing their emotions.
The Murmur House also creates Murmuration, an event held every two months for young people with passion for literature to interact. This event has a similar form a to a book club. Readers are expected to read the book chosen from a drawing within those two months, and later on, share and discuss their written response of the book.
“This gathering is meant to introduce readers to books we might have never heard of, and to encourage potential writers to start writing,” said Rain.
“In the long term, we plan to expose the short stories/poems that we have discovered. Our goal is to inspire 18-29 year olds to join the Murmuration movement, where they can channel their imaginative passion for words as a form of art.”
If you want to support these budding writers, contact them at Twitter @themurmurhouse and website themurmurhouse.com to purchase the journal.

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