‘The Other Love Story’ Tells A Simple Same-Sex Love Story in India

A new mini web series tells a sweet and moving story of a same-sex couple in India.

  • December 23, 2016
  • 2 min read
‘The Other Love Story’ Tells A Simple Same-Sex Love Story in India

A new mini web series, The Other Love Story, portrays a sweet and realistic narrative of same-sex love in the ‘90s India. Under the production of Just Like That Films, The Other Love Stories follows a friendship that tenderly builds into romance between two college students Aadya (Spoorthi Gumaste) and Aachal (Shweta Gupta) in 12 short episodes.

The series, directed by a young director Roopa Rao, kicked off with an episode entitled “The Meeting,” in which Aachal was taken by her family to a train station. Not happy to leave, Aachal breaks into tears as they arrive at the train platform. From that point on, the scene flashes back to Aadya’s point of view, a girl who feels alienated. One day as she goes out to clear her mind, she meets Aachal.



The Other Love Story sets off in a slow-burning progression, giving us a glimpse of the heartfelt emotional bonding between the two girls. It takes us back to a simpler time, before the hype of advanced communication technology – to what Roopa Rao believes as an era “before internet and cellphones hijacked human emotions”. This makes the show far from the typical sensationalistic approach in putting lesbian relationship on screen, creating a rather delicate and intimate feel. It is a genuine tale of a simple love story, seen through the lens of a couple who struggle to place their true self in a confining world.

Watch the “The Other Love Story” mini webseries here.

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