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Issues // Politics and Society
We Need to Change the Way We Think about Virginity

In Cambodia – like in many other Asian countries – women who have had premarital sex are considered worthless and often compared to fermented fish.

by Sovanvotey Hok July 11, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
How Should We Respond to Traditional Performance with Misogynistic Message?

When a lenong performance she was watching has a rapist marrying his victim, she was left disturbed for months, unsure how to take it.

by Murni Amalia July 3, 2019
Culture // Screen Raves
Dokumenter ‘Potongan’ Soroti Sensor Film yang Bungkam Kreativitas

Artikel kedua mengenai sensor film di Indonesia, yang banyak dikritik, terutama oleh pembuat film.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter April 5, 2019
Indonesia Butuh Lembaga Klasifikasi Film, Bukan Lembaga Sensor

Warisan penjajah Belanda dan rezim Orde Baru, Lembaga Sensor Film telah menghadapi banyak kritikan. Apakah saatnya untuk membubarkannya atau menggeser fungsinya?

by Hera Diani, Redaktur Pelaksana March 31, 2019
Wanted: Film Classification Board, Not Censorship

A legacy of both the Dutch colonial rule and the New Order regime, the Film Censorship Board has been under a lot of criticism. Is it time to disband it, or shift its function?

by Hera Diani, Managing Editor March 31, 2019
DISTRAKSI 2 “Dalami Budaya untuk Karya Kita: 6 Suku Asal Indonesia”

Topik DISTRAKSI pertama didasarkan pada hasil penelitian Mitu M. Prie terhadap akar budaya Indonesia. Mitu menjelaskan kekayaan budaya Indonesia dan menegaskan pentingnya mengenalkan dan membawa kekayaan budaya tersebut lebih dekat ke generasi Millennial.

by Magdalene March 13, 2019
Lifestyle // Travel and Leisure
Stylish Cocktails and Female Badassery at Jakarta's First Feminist Bar

At Bar Gina, Jakarta's first ever feminist bar, you can drink and be merry while soaking in the feminist vibe.

by Camely Arta, Reporter February 14, 2019
"Black, No Sugar" Offers Platform to Discuss Taboo Issues Affecting Women in Uganda

The YouTube channel aims to counter the narratives and stereotypes of women in Ugandan media.

by Camely Arta, Reporter January 15, 2019
Smashing Patriarchy and Calling Out Hypocrisy One Comic Strip at a Time

From religious hypocrisy to mansplaining, Nyne Comics does not pull its punches in its criticism.

by Shafira Amalia January 11, 2019
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On the Post-Natal Joys of Anggun's "Elevation" A Decade Later

Anggun's post-natal album Elevation still takes you to the higher ground today as it did when it was first released 10 years ago.

by Fajar Zakhri December 21, 2018