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Issues // Politics and Society
Komnas Perempuan Desak DPR Adakan Dialog Soal RUU PKS

Komnas Perempuan mendesak DPR melakukan pembahasan yang sehat mengenai RUU Penghapusan Kekerasan Seksual agar bisa segera disahkan.

by Shafira Amalia February 12, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
More Women in Urban than Rural Areas are Domestic Violence Victims: BPS

Families' economic and social statuses do not always have a direct bearing on their susceptibility to violence, according to the National Statistics Agency.

by Camely Arta January 30, 2019
Teen Pregnancy Thumbnail 58, Magdalene
Issues // Politics and Society
Sutradara Dokumenter Soroti Napi Perempuan yang Hamil dan Melahirkan di Penjara

Sebuah dokumenter menyoroti kondisi memprihatinkan yang dihadapi narapidana perempuan yang hamil, melahirkan, dan membesarkan anak di penjara.

by Camely Arta January 9, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Komnas Perempuan Launches New and Improved Call Center for Violence Victims

The Cloud Call Center technology enables the Commission to receive a lot more reports and collect data more accurately.

by Angesti Citra Asih December 5, 2018
Issues // Relationship
The Night Grandpa Wanted Me in His Bedroom

After an incident at her grandfather's home, she could never see him the same way again.

by Adia March 14, 2018
Femicide Cases on the Rise in Indonesia: Komnas Perempuan

Cases of women being killed because of their gender have been on the rise and the government should take action to stop it.

by Camely Arta November 27, 2017
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
We Must Change Society's Perception of Rape and Consent: Conference

Our culture has been looking at rape from a male's point of view, failing to understand the concept of consent and power dynamics.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari November 3, 2017
Why Home is Most Dangerous Place for Women

Globally, about 38 percent of all women murdered die at the hands of their intimate partners.

by Elisabet le Roux September 11, 2017
How I Left My Deadbeat Husband

Twelve years into her marriage, she'd finally had enough and divorced her deadbeat husband. This woman muses why isn't financial negligence considered a form of domestic violence?

by Dewi Drupadi February 14, 2014