Exhibition Showcases Works of Young Illustration Artists

Check out this exhibition of the works of young illustrators grouped in the Mixed Feelings Project.

  • April 14, 2017
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Exhibition Showcases Works of Young Illustration Artists

An exhibition to showcase the works of young Indonesian illustrators who took part in an incubation program is currently taking place in Jakarta. Initiated by the Atreyu Moniaga Project of the illustrator of the same name,  the Mixed Feelings Project 02: The Journey Unwritten will be exhibited at That’s Life Coffee Gunawarman, South Jakarta until May 7.
“Mixed Feelings Project is an initiative project and program that aims to develop and also to manage the art work of the members through a variety of activities,” said Janeeve Timore, Atreyu Moniaga Project’s Project Manager.
In the Mixed Feelings Project’s one year incubation program, the artists receive mentoring from Atreyu Moniaga, who is also an art instructor, to improve their techniques, strengthen their art work concept, and learn to organize a joint exhibition.
Paintings and drawings made by five young illustrator artists who took part in the one-year program are showcased in the exhibition. The artists are Criwill, Hwang Tony, Liffi Wongso, Novan Anggono and Nykkhu .
Each one of the illustration artists has his or her own distinct style. Liffi, for example,  draws imagination from her dreams,  drawing it on paper with bright colors. Nykkhu uses oil paint on paper and canvas to reveal parts of his personality in his twenties.
“The Mixed Feelings Project aspires to keep exploring new talents from various places to join us and to continue improving the participants’ qualities and skills. We also want to inspire the youth to pursue their dreams in art,” said Janeeve.

If you are interested in exploring more illustrations or have collaboration ideas, Mixed Feelings Project and Atreyu Moniaga Project would love to hear from you.

You can find them on Instagram @atreyumoniaga.project / @mixedfeelings.project
Email [email protected]



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