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Social Distancing? It’s a Lifetime Pathway for Queers Like Me

We know how to stay away from all the viruses in life: patriarchy, toxic masculinity, stigma and prejudice, hatred and stereotypes.

by Amar Alfikar March 24, 2020
Ukhti Islam Hijab LBQ Lesbian Queer_SarahArifin
Issues // Relationship
Queer Love: Mungkinkah Lesbian Dekat dengan Tuhan?

Mungkinkah seorang lesbian tetap mengupayakan dekat dengan Tuhan?

by Paramita Mohamad dan Downtown Boy March 21, 2020
Five Films for Freedom
#FiveFilmsForFreedom: A Global LGBTIQ+ Short-film Celebration

The world's widest-reaching digital celebration of LGBTIQ+ themed film returns from 18 - 29 March 2020. Five Films For Freedom is a global, online short film programme in support of LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) rights.

by March 18, 2020
Lesbian LBQ QueerWomen_Karina Tungari
Berpikir Positif di Situasi yang Diskriminatif terhadap LGBT

Berpikir positif di situasi yang diskriminatif terhadap LGBT adalah penting untuk tetap menjaga kewarasan.

by Dona Bawani Arlita Mukti March 12, 2020
An Imagination of Heteronormative Futurity

Regardless of the intention, the threat toward queer futurity would be an unintended consequence of the solidification of a religious/punitive governance.

by Agnia Sambara March 11, 2020
Issues // Relationship
Queer Love: Kapan Seseorang Disebut Queer?

Banyak orang masih bingung mengenai definisi queer dan kapan seseorang bisa disebut queer.

by Paramita Mohamad dan Downtown Boy March 6, 2020
Issues // Relationship
Queer Love: Antara Melela atau Tidak

Saya gay di lingkungan konservatif, haruskah saya melela (coming out)?

by Paramita Mohamad dan Downtown Boy February 28, 2020
Issues // Relationship
Queer Love: Adakah Pasangan Lesbian yang Bertahan?

Benarkah hubungan pasangan lesbian tidak bisa bertahan lama?

by Paramita Mohamad dan Downtown Boy February 21, 2020
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Seks Anal dan Otoritas Tubuh

‘Top’ atau ‘bottom’? Tidak dua-duanya!

by Budskiy February 18, 2020
Belly Fat and Pimples: The Bane of Gay Male Gaze

While feminists have fought fiercely against the male gaze and are making some progress, gay male gaze is harder to deal with because it is a never ending loop.

by Firmansyah Sarbini February 17, 2020