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Loving My Own Body Despite Being Told the Opposite

Her journey to loving her own body involves unlearning what she has been taught about her looks by her own mother.

by Orrik Ormeari March 3, 2020
Belly Fat and Pimples: The Bane of Gay Male Gaze

While feminists have fought fiercely against the male gaze and are making some progress, gay male gaze is harder to deal with because it is a never ending loop.

by Firmansyah Sarbini February 17, 2020
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Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
'Tocil', Pasar: Selalu Ada yang Salah dengan Bentuk Tubuh Perempuan

Payudara kecil salah, besar salah. Masyarakat kita memang misoginis.

by Gusti Nur Asla Shabia January 24, 2020
I was Ill But Happy to be Skinny

Now in my “dream body,” I was happy to be depressed and to consume a bunch of pills on a daily basis. The huge irony eluded me.

by Annisa January 8, 2020
Culture // Screen Raves
‘Imperfect’ Ingin Sebarkan Citra Tubuh Positif

Film “Imperfect” berniat menyebarkan pesan positif terkait tubuh dan mengkritik standar ideal kecantikan.

by Permata Adinda January 7, 2020
Ida Nipplets
Lewat ‘Lingerie’ dan Nipplets, Ida Swasti Dobrak Ketabuan Seks

Lewat bisnis pakaian dalam Nipplets, pengusaha Ida Swasti ingin mendorong citra tubuh yang positif dan pendidikan seks yang sehat.

by Nikita Devi September 19, 2019
Community // Brand News
Perempuan dan Berbagai Permasalahan ‘Intim’ yang Jarang Terungkapkan

Kurangnya pengetahuan akan pentingnya kesehatan seksual & reproduksi hingga rasa risih dan malu untuk membicarakannya.

by Magdalene September 9, 2019
Community // Brand News
Nipplets Dorong Kampanye Tubuh Positif Lewat ‘Lingerie’

Memakai ‘lingerie’ tidak hanya untuk menyenangkan pasangan, namun juga merupakan salah satu bentuk ‘self-love’ terbaik.

by Shafira Amalia August 8, 2019
A Love Letter to All Flat-Chested Women

Perhaps it’s time to talk about small breasts – and the shaming of flat-chested women – in our conversation about body positivity.

by Mutiara Anggi July 19, 2019
Losing a Third of My Weight: My Physical Journey to Self-Love

In the journey of changing her lifestyle drastically and lost more than a third of her weight, she discovered self-love.

by Nikita Devi July 5, 2019