Campaign Depicts Everyday Harassments and Abuses Women Face

An online video campaign depicts harassments and abuses that women face every day.

  • April 28, 2017
  • 2 min read
Campaign Depicts Everyday Harassments and Abuses Women Face

From catcalls, online sexual harassment to abusive relationship, an online video campaign depicts everyday experiences that women have to deal with. #ThisIsHerStory is led by Sinergi Muda Audiovisual Team, a collaboration of the youth groups Sinergi Muda and Indonesian Youth.
The idea behind the project came up after the team observed that women face harassment and abuse on a daily basis. The team chose 4 main topics; verbal abuse, virtual harassment, catcalling, and abusive relationship.
“We wanted to encourage young people to be more aware of harassment and abuse,” said Diego Batara Mahameru, Sinergi Muda Audiovisual’s Manager.
Diego also said that some people may do it unconsciously without knowing that it can cause profound psychological impact for the victims.
The videos were launched to commemorate the Kartini Day in a bid to show another aspect of emancipation and to reveal the problems today’s women face.
“By presenting the videos, we want to show that emancipation is not represented by beauty contest or cooking competition. And we want to raise the awareness for both men and women that we still haven’t achieved the full emancipation and equality envisioned by Kartini,” said Diego.
If you have a similar experience portrayed in the videos, or witness someone experiencing it,  you can share it by mentioning @ indonesianyouth on Twitter using hashtag #ThisIsHerStory, or send your writing to IndonesianYouth.org.

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