Go Home, Terrorists, You’re Drunk!

Netizens shows defiance of terrorism through moving and funny memes.

  • January 15, 2016
  • 2 min read
Go Home, Terrorists, You’re Drunk!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the terror attack that rocked Jakarta yesterday, killing seven people including the five attackers. For a few hours in late morning, when it wasn’t really clear what was happening, the city residents were gripped in fear as rumors circulated on social media and online messengers that there were other explosions at other places and that men on motorcycles were riding while shooting randomly at people with their Kalashnikov. All those were proven hoaxes before long.

The attack itself was clearly botched, thanks to some good police work. What the public awaits now is the arrest of the masterminds of the attack (ISIS has claimed to be behind it) and crush the rest of the terrorist network.



What is incredibly and classically Indonesians, however, was the responses that came in the aftermath of the attack. The social media realm united in their show of defiance with hashtags like #JakartaBerani (Jakarta is brave) and  #KamiTidakTakut (we are not afraid). Some of them are moving, some just funny. The funniest ones focus on the fact that even as shootout was taking place between the police and the terrorists, bystanders were watching casually nearby, and food hawkers merely a hundred meters from the site continued to serve customers. A little later in the day, the memes focused on some of the good looking and fashionable police officers in the shootout.

These are some of the memes that caught our attention. Stay alert and stay safe, but mostly, stay brave, Indonesians!

Read about this organization’s effort to prevent Indonesian youth from falling into religious radicalism and follow @dasmaran on Twitter.

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