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Malaysian Website “Queer Lapis” Serves Layers of LGBTIQ+ Experience

A Malaysian website provides representation of and resources on the LGBTI+ people in the country.

  • March 30, 2018
  • 2 min read
Malaysian Website “Queer Lapis” Serves Layers of LGBTIQ+ Experience

Queer Lapis, a “tasty”, quick-witted new website, serves up layers of personal experiences of LGBTIQ+ people living in Malaysia. Inspired by the traditional layered cake kueh lapis, the website feeds us important insights and information to raise awareness about the lives of queer community in Malaysia,
In “Voices” column, you can find stories from the most awkward dates queer people go through to a personal endeavor of being gay and celibate. Opinions about recent fuss and cases regarding LGBTIQ+ community in Malaysia can be found in “Views” column.
You can learn about the historical footprints of LGBTIQ+ discourses in Malaysia in Timeline, including the portrayal of queer community in Malaysian media, the first queer festival in the country, and the progression of queer people’s constitutional rights
There are “Resources” that provide basic information about queer people, such as a glossary of gender diversity and the “gender bear” that helps us differentiate sexual orientation from gender expression and gender identity. They also provide legal process charts about what queer Malaysians should do if they are being persecuted.
The site also offers Q&A opportunity for those still confused about their sexuality, or who are contemplating coming out.
Nourish yourself, check out Queer Lapis website and explore more!
Find out the key to effective sex education for children.

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