‘Para Perempuan Kartini’ Street Art Exhibition at Tempo Newsroom

A mural and installation arts exhibition of Kartini is open for public every weekend at Tempo newsroom.

  • April 20, 2017
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‘Para Perempuan Kartini’ Street Art Exhibition at Tempo Newsroom

Tempo media group has teamed up with street artists to exhibit mural and installation arts of Kartini, Indonesia’s most prominent feminist, in their newsroom in Palmerah, West Jakarta.
“Para Perempuan Kartini” (the women of Kartini) exhibition gathers some artists and mural painters from Jakarta and other major cities who are also members of street art communities and have created visual art in public locations. Kartini’s quotes and portraits can be seen in every corners of Tempo’s newsroom. The artists involved include those grouped in the communities The Ladies on Wall, Detroit, Wedha Pop Art Potrait, Reflect, Gardu House, Tempo Designer Team, as well as installation artists ehHardiman Radjab and Amalia Sigit.
Tempo Media Group decided to collaborate with street artist, because they believe that the whole world is a canvas that can be painted,” said Bambang Bujono, the curator of the exhibition. Street artists were born out of their desire to voice criticism or state opinions on things that are considered out of place, and pass it on directly to the public.
“In this artwork, Kartini gives out the girl power vibe, as Kartini herself is the independent woman icon in Indonesia,” said Lousiana, one of the artist from Ladies on Wall. “We can be everyday Kartini by living, loving and fighting for our rights.”
Bambang expressed his hopes that raising the figure of Kartini through the exhibition could also remind people of the needs of tolerance between religious communities, having seen rising intolerance surrounding Jakarta’s gubernatorial election on April 19. 
“Kartini did not only think about education for Javanese women in her time, but also social problems,” he added.
The exhibition also coincided with the launching of Kartini, the movie, directed by Hanung Bramantyo.
“Para Perempuan Kartini” exhibition is free and open for public every weekend at Gedung Tempo on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor, at Gedung Tempo, Jalan Palmerah Barat no. 8, West Jakarta.

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