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Perempuan dan Persimpangan Vol 5

Dalam skena musik, terdapat 'Raungan' kaum perempuan yang terdistorsi dan jarang terdengar jelas. Banyak pertanyaan yang muncul mengenai perempuan dan skena musik.

by Magdalene March 28, 2019
Music 99 Thumbnail, Magdalene
In Praise of Lana Del Rey: The Anti-Popstar Popstar

Lana Del Rey's artistry and idiosyncrasy continue to make her one of the most fascinating pop artists of her time.

by Fajar Zakhri October 25, 2018
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When a K-Pop Star's Death Opens Up a Can of Worms

When a k-pop star's death unintentionally opened the can of worms.

by Emme Rue d'od February 13, 2018
Menjadi Perempuan dalam Skena Musik

Pandangan kapitalisme yang menjadikan perempuan komoditas di dunia musik dapat juga menjadi senjata untuk menyuarakan kebutuhan-kebutuhan perempuan.

by Cinta Marezi May 5, 2017
Beyoncé was 'Robbed' at the Grammys? You're Missing the Point

The outcry over Beyonce's perceived loss to Adele at the Grammys with its accusation of racism fails to see the bigger issues at play.

by Fajar Zakhri February 21, 2017
Women Behind the Masculine Stage

Behind the male-oriented music scene in Indonesia are women who do everything from managing bands, bringing top international acts, to keeping indie music groups alive financially.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari, Reporter/Social Media Manager October 14, 2016
Spice Girls and My Feminist Awakening

A new remake of the iconic girl power anthem "Wannabe" brings her back to 20 years ago, when she and her posse of girlfriends found empowerment in Spice Girls' songs, whether in class, on the playground or on the street.

by Hannah Al Rashid July 18, 2016
Representasi Kekerasan Seksual dalam Musik dan Perlawanan Terhadapnya

Budaya pemerkosaan berkembang di masyarakat melalui berbagai media, tak terkecuali seni musik. Musik yang merupakan produk budaya populer mampu menjangkau banyak kalangan, dan karenanya dapat dimanfaatkan untuk menyebarkan gagasan, termasuk yang mengandung kekerasan.

by Chandra Linsa Hikmawati July 13, 2016
Campaign Aims to Reclaim Women's Authority over Their Bodies

A collective of feminist musicians, artists and activists kick-started a campaign to help women reclaim authority to their own bodies.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari, Reporter/Social Media Manager March 13, 2016
PVRIS' Lynn Gunn, My New Favorite Rock Star, Opens Up About Homosexuality

The frontwoman of PVRIS Lynn Gunn not only leads an outstanding rock band; she also inspires others by opening up about her sexuality.

by Dini Febriani October 8, 2015