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Pic_Kata Djiwa
KATA DJIWA: A Place Where You’ll be Heard and Cared For

Kelompok dukungan untuk berbagai individu dengan kesamaan permasalahan kesehatan mental agar dapat saling berbagi beban.

by Magdalene May 27, 2019
Community Center Gives Trainings to Empower Refugee Women

In South Jakarta a women-run community center gives trainings to empower refugee women.

by Wulan Kusuma Wardhani, Reporter April 26, 2019
We All Need Support (Groups)

From heart-to-heart talk with BFFs, to attending a poetry reading open mic, everyone needs their own support groups.

by Firnita Taufick April 12, 2019
When Ahok Stole My Thunder: A Divorce Story

There are a lot of things that only fellow divorcees can understand and empathize. The latest essay by Magdalene’s Managing Editor Hera Diani.

by Hera Diani, Co-Founder March 7, 2019